Monday, July 9, 2007

Bioshock Xbox 360 Preview

Bioshock is an alternate reality, next-gen first-person shooter. Developed by Irrational games, and published by 2K games, the game is set after WWII, after the Eutopia of Rapture (built as a safe haven for many of the worlds leading scientists and artistic minds in 1946) collapses after genetically altered beings create a civil war within the Eutopia.

Bioshock is purely choic driven, and results in many possible endings. For example, the goal of the game is to collect as many samples of ADAM (the genetic mutation formula) while maintaining a moralistic nature. Little sisters contain a healthy supply, but increases the difficulty of "Big Daddy's" to kill. In addition, the AI adapts to the environment, making them
impossible to predict.

You are a plane crash survivor, lost in the ocean. you stumble upon a lighthouse that has a shaft that travels down to the utopia. As you travel throughout the Eutopia, you discover many bizarre civilians roaming the area. The Environment is fully destructible and can be used to the players advantage, i.e. smokescreen from a fire extinguisher, sparks from electrical units.

The weaponry in the games fully customizable and allows for specific advantages. As you collect ADAM, you have the ability to create certain shots for yourself that allow you to create organic weaponry, give you special powers like invisibility, and allows you to alter the environment.

There is no plan on multiplayer, but there are plans for downloadable themes, pics, and areas to explore. there are no set prices on these objects. finally a collector's edition available that will include a Big Daddy figurine, the game's soundtrack, and a "Making of" DVD.

The Game is Scheduled for an August 21st release and will be rated "M" for mature for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Sexual themes, and Drug Reference.

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Bioshock Xbox 360 Screenshot

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Bioshock trailers kick ass.

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Bioshock รจ il nuovo gioco migliore

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This game is going to be beast. Looks amazing.

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this game kicks ass check the demo