Friday, July 6, 2007

New Madden 08 Info and Screenshots

Its that time of year again as EA's latest installment, Madden 08, will be looking to hit store shelves by Mid August. The franchise is heading into it's 18th year, and has genrated over 2 billion dollars in revenues. The games overall performance and appeal has fallen over the last few years as EA had bought out their compeititon, previously the NFL 2K Series. Now they are making a comeback, with All Pro 2K8. This will hopefully trigger improvements by EA on their new game, as they are no longer without competition.

New screen shots were also released for Madden 08 last week. Even for the Xbox 360, they are surely impressive to say the least.

Be sure too keep checking our site as we will be there to reveal further details as they are released.


Anonymous said...

AllPro2K8 FTW!

Anonymous said...

Dont care really id rather have madden with licensed players and ma man Regggggieee BUSSHHH!