Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 (250GB)

There was a lot of buzz in the air regarding today's announcement from Microsoft regarding a new 250GB Limited Edition, Modern Warfare 2 Style Xbox 360 console. This new bundle is set to hit the shelves the same day as the game itself (November 10th) and will include two wireless controllers. The Xbox 360 console will have a Modern Warfare 2 themed design and will include all the accessories that come with a normal Elite. Plus the nice 250GB hard drive, which is surely a hint about what is the future of the Xbox 360 platform(DVR, Media Center, Downloaded Games).

The bundle will retail at $399 USD in the United States. One notable article to mention is that the 250GB hard drive will be limited to the MW2 bundle at this time, and will not be sold separately. This leaves the 120GB hard drive retailing at $149 USD, a steep price to swallow. Look for Microsoft to restructure hard drive prices in the near future. We are predicting that the 20GB will be completely phased out, the 120GB will notch down to $69 USD, and the 250GB should slide in at around the $99-$129 USD range.

Not much else to report on this week... Did I mention that rumors are already surfacing within hours of this MW2 Limited Edition Console announcement that Sony has already prepped an equivalent 250GB PS3 Slim bundle that will likely drop during the Holiday season.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Infinity Ward has released a sneak peak at their new multiplayer game mode for Modern Warfare 2. As shown in the trailer below, a new 'capture the flag' mode has been added to the game.

Among new features seen in the video were people running around in Riot Shields, an Air strike Perk at 4 kills, and a Predator missile Perk at 5 kills. The gameplay looks slightly refined and the graphics look better than on the previous Call of Duty 4 installment. Host migration has also been added, allowing for a new host to be chosen almost instantly if the current one leaves, allowing for fluid gameplay without the need to return to the lobby. Players can also throw knives to down opponents who are not within hand's reach.

Interesting stuff, be sure to check it out below. The retail version of Modern Warfare 2 will hit shelves on November 10th.