Thursday, July 5, 2007

Welcome to the New Xbox 360 Network Blog

Hello Everyone,

This is's first blog entry! We will be covering the latest developments involving the Xbox 360 as the time passes, including coverage on E3, aswell as updates on the latest big name titles coming out this late summer and fall. We are also running a forum for all you discussion savvy members, so go check out and post what your thoughts.

We would also like you to meet our blog team:
  • BakEd (XBL Tag: II b4k3d II)

  • PawnagE (XBL Tag: Pawnag3)

  • HermieKrab (XBL Tag: HermieKrab)

Thanks for reading,
X360N Staff


Anonymous said...

Great Stuff Guys! Hope this works out well!

Anonymous said...

Gar! Nice site Cyrus!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am deciding on buying a PS3. I want to have Playstation 2 games on it as well. Can someone tell me what PS3 supports PS2 gaming?