Saturday, July 7, 2007

More Details Revealed about 'SKATE' for Xbox 360

We have got some new information on the realistic skateboarding sim 'SKATE' which is currently being developed by EA Black Box in Vancouver. The new game emphasizes on reality and will try deliver the feel of skating through innovative new controls, authentic cameras, and a fully active skateboarding city.

"The game will deliver all the style, fun, creativity and culture of skateboarding without the countless hours of practice, broken bones and hospital visits." -

When first playing the game, you might be quick to compare it to the Tony Hawk Series. Although a huge range of tricks are available, you should not expect to be able to perform 'special' tricks such as the ones on the Tony Hawk series. Being able to perform double backflips or keeping a 5 minute long combo will most likely not be present in SKATE.

The game takes an innovative path in its gameplay. Most of the tricks you perform will be done by using both analog sticks. You use the left analog stick to guide your skater's direction, while the right analog stick lets you perform tricks. For example, pusing down and then up quickly will allow you to ollie. You can use the bumpers as spin modifiers and the triggers for adjusting your tricks in mid-air. Finally the thing that stood out the most is how you propel your skater using the A button, and brake with the B button. A quick tap of the A button results in a speed boost, while holding it down along with shifting you weight using the left analog stick results in greater speed. With that said, it is a very new approach by the folks at EA.

The game will be based in a fictional city, known as San Vanelona (SAN fransisco, VANcouver, barcELONA). The city will contain many different objects/obstacles which you could use to your advantage. EA has informed readers that the city will be 'hustling and bustling' and full of life, which may allow many person to person encounters. In order to skate the streets you may choose between 18 different 'real world' skaters during the course of the game.

EA also will include a cool new 'Dynamic Camera' feature which will let you play and record your self in many different ways/angles. There is also a plan to allow you to share your recorded clips with you friends via Xbox Live/PSN (PS3) respectively.

The visuals in SKATE are absolutely amazing, when ran at HD the game seems to be one of the best games graphically developed so far on the current generation of consoles. The actual graphics will continue to become improved as time progresses, hopefully to turn out to a beautiful new skaterpiece. I know that was a bad example of humor...

(Click preview image to open the actual full resolution screenshot)

Skate Xbox 360 Screenshot Grind Skate Xbox 360 Screenshot Grind 2 Skate Xbox 360 Screenshot Full Pipe Skate Xbox 360 Screenshot Flip
Skate Xbox 360 Screenshot Mocap Skate Xbox 360 Screenshot Mocap 2
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Watch new game footage here.


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=P b4k3d ftw.

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Wow, Skate looks fun. But no special moves or five minute combos? That's just crazy! O_o

BakEd said...

Thanks Hypnot1ze :)! And HermieKrab its realistic, if you want combo's I'll be posting an entry about Tony Hawk's new game asweel. Again thanks for reading!

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