Saturday, July 7, 2007

Microsoft Locked Region Based Xbox Live Marketplace Content

This is more of an older topic, that was caused by the Xbox 360 Spring Update, but I decided to bring it back up for a quick look over. Until last April, you could make a free XBL Silver account based in another country to access special region based content. Such as making a Japanese based account to download Naruto episodes, which cannot be normally accessed using an American account.

Microsoft decided to stop allowing people to do this, after they locked region based content via the users IP. This way, even if you were to set your 'country' to another place then where you actually live, Microsoft will IP verify the location as incorrect and would not grant access to the region specific content. Although its a bit of a set back to the marketplace, we believe we can still find quality content in our home region.


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This bcame big porblem fro me as my region (Vietnam) does not exists to microsoft, I am registrerd under Hong Kong. Now I find the microsoft prepaid credit cards I bought in Sinagpore do not work. Microsoft's helpful reply..create new gamer tag under Sinagpore and reply all games..!!