Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ace Combat 6 Demo comes to Xbox 360

Last week Microsoft added the Ace Combat 6 Demo in the marketplace during E3. We decided to download it and check it out.

Namco has made a few noticeable improvements on the flight sim. Notably including better plan dynamics, realistic accelerating/decelerating, better damage recognition, and a camera tracker of your current target.

We started up the demo with the default given aircraft, an F15. A beginning cut scene showed the Protagonist's base/city being attacked by bombers. Then planes scramble into the air and you are briefed to destroy the enemy bombers and escorts... Typical AC Intro mission eh? Once you have destroyed all the enemy bombers (TGT) then you are greeted with a little fun surprise, a mission update.

Overall we thought that Namco has put a lot of hard work into AC6. Everything from the scenery detail, to the contrails of enemy aircraft, the way your missiles look real when they are fired, and who can forget the explosions.

We are very excited to see Namco's final product when it hits store shelves this Fall.


Anonymous said...

The demo is extremely fun. Can't wait 'till it releases. I hope it doesn't have much to do with the fifth game because I never beat it.

Anonymous said...

I was a beast at AC4 and 5

Anonymous said...