Sunday, September 16, 2007

Halo 3 Almost a Week Away

The game that everyone has been waiting for is just a few days away, with almost 2 million copies pre-ordered, Halo 3 has created the biggest buzz for a game to date. Almost all Halo fans are counting down 'till September 25th, the day the game is supposed to hit shelves in 3 different editions, Normal, Limited, and Legendary Edition.

Although many will be camping out to the get the game at exactly 12AM, some avid players report they have already got their hands on the game. Though it has been said a few have already been caught, and handed a ban until 9999. With this said, its obvious everyone is very excited, I am not the biggest halo fan but I was glad I pre-ordered... I'll see everyone September 25th, but until then I will be playing the Call Of Duty 4 Beta :P.

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